About Us Frequently Asked Questions For Indian Student

Question No 1: How can the students participate in events of Consulate?

Answer: The Consulate hosts the flag hosting ceremony on Independence day and Republic day. Also we host various investment, business, cultural events from time to time. One can follow these events on our social media (Facebook, Twitter) where we keep posting up dates of the events also we are conducting free yoga & sanskrit language classes in the Consulate.

Question No 2: How can the students contact the Consulate in case they need to get their passport renewal or other consular services?

Answer: The application process is detailed in the website and accordingly one can apply for the passport and other services, in case of any clarificatione one can send email to the concerned section. Also the emails are available in our website. In case of emergency hotline No. +852 90771083 is available for service during weekend and after office hours.

Question No 3: What are the Visa/Immigration formalities to be completed after arriving in Hong Kong?

Answer: Usually students arrive in Hong Kong on one month single entry visa, which is good for entering Hong Kong only once. Students are required to convert the one month single entry visa into student visa valid for the duration of course and also to obtain HKID, this process is to be completed through their universities.

Question No 4: If students wants to visit china how they can get the Chinese visa?

Answer: Once the student is issued Hong Kong Identity Card he can apply for Chinese visa through the Consular support service of the Universities. Before the issue of student HKID, the student should not travel outside Hong Kong, because the visa which they get from India before joining University is usually single entry, valid for one entry to Hong Kong. Once they get multiple entry student visa for duration of the course and ID they can travel to any place outside Hong Kong .

Question No 5: Whether students can get internship or job during the course of study?

Answer: During the course of their study student can get internship for which universities have tie-ups and structured programmes. For jobs outside the university and availability of approved programme, students can check the details with universities.

Question No 6: What are the post study career opportunities in Hong Kong?

Answer: Under the Immigration arrangements for non-local graduates IANG scheme the students can stay in Hong Kong for 12 months after finishing their studies without other condition of stay. This stay can be further extented on some conditions. The details are be available in the Hong Kong Immigration website and in University Registrar.

Question No 7: What kind of jobs students can get after completion of study?

Answer: Hong Kong is Asia Pacific hub for Shipping, Finance, Banking, Airlines & Trading also Hong Kong is gateway to access to the mainland markets. Hong Kong is Regional Head Quarters for many big businessess, usually these companies have campus interviews and students are offered job by the time they complete their graduation.

Question No 8: Can we bring our parents to Hong Kong?

Answer: Parents can visit the students after following the visa process which the universities can guide about. Indian ordinary passport holders can visit Hong Kong for upto 14 days subject pre-arrival registration. It is advisible to do PAR well in advance, so that in case PAR is unsuccessful one can apply for visa which takes 4-6 weeks.

Question No 9: Are there any organized culturual events and celebrations of Indian festival in Hong Kong?

Answer: There are various Indian Associations in Hong Kong; grouped on the basis of region, Maharashtra Mandal, Telgu Samaj, Tamil Association, Gujrat Samaj, Rajastani Samaj etc. (List of Associations available at http://www.cgihk.gov.in/page/list-of-indian-community-associations-in-hong-kong/ Also there are associations based on professions like FIPHK, Indian Chartered Accountant Association, Indian Businessman Association etc. These associations usually host events during major regional festival like diwali, holi etc. It will be a good idea to join these associations if one wish to interact with his community and wants to enjoy the festivity in Hong Kong.

Question No 10: Are there any places of worship for Indians?

Answer: There are Hindu temples, Sikh temple, Parsi temple, Sai temple and Churches, Mosques in Hong Kong. Also there are centres of various groups like Brahmakumaris, ISKON, Sathya Sai centre, Chinmaya Mission etc.

Question No 11: Whether Indian vegetarian food is available in Hong Kong?

Answer: There are many Indian restuarants in Hong Kong catering to all kind of tastes, there are south Indian restaurants and north Indian restaurants, vegetarian, fast food, cafe style etc. There are some home made tiffin delivery services, which are also available in universities.