About Us List Of Chinese Companies Involved In Trade Dispute With Indian Companies In 2009

List of Chinese Companies involved in trade dispute with Indian companies in 2009 

List of Chinese companies involved in trade disputes with Indian companies in year 2010

Placed below is the list of Chinese companies involved in cases of trade dispute with Indian companies which have come to the adverse notice of the Embassy of India, Beijing in year 2009. Indian companies are advised to refrain from conducting any kind of business transaction with the Chinese companies as mentioned below till the time their name is removed from the list.

» M/s Foshan Kelong Trade Corporation Ltd.
» M/s Xiaman Aoxing Imp & Exp. Ltd, Xiamen City
» M/s Chinalco Henan Aluminium Fabrication Co. Ltd.
» M/s Qingdao Xindeyi Logistics Co. Ltd., Qingdao
» Quingdao Doublestone Industrial Co. Ltd., Qingdao
» M/s Guangdao Medicines & Health Products Imp. & Exp. Corporation, Guangzhou
» M/s Nanjing Zhongsende Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd, Nanjing
» M/s Heating Machine Co. ltd.
» M/s Zhejiang Xingyi Textile Co. Ltd.
» M/s Kuming Huaduan Import & Export Co. Ltd
» Nanhai Arts & Crafts
» M/s Fujian Jinfeng Import & Exp., Fujian
» M/s Laiwu Aotaike Zinc Oxide Co. Ltd. Laiwu City
» Export Changzhou Chemical Factory
» M/s Tinjin Yue Xang Industries & Trading Co, Ltd
» M/s Hiltes Group & Company Ltd.
» M/s Cuangdong Medicine & Health Products Import & Export ,Guangzhou City
» M/s Nadeek Mechanical Equipments Corporation Ltd.,
» M/s Shenzen Mei Do Industrial and Commercial Company, China
» M/s Yihongjiawei Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools Co. Ltd, Hunan
» M/s Zhengzhou Flyworld chemicals Co. Ltd.
» M/s Zhengzhou Goldstar Chemicals Co. Ltd. (2)