About Us Procedure To Register A Trade Dispute Complaint With The Embassy

Procedure to register a trade dispute complaint with the Embassy

Procedure to register a trade dispute complaint with the Embassy

Indian enterprise intending to register a complaint against a Chinese company should write to the Trade & Commerce Wing of the Embassy of India, Beijing.

The contact details are as follows:

Second Secretary (Trade & Commerce),
Embassy of India, Beijing,
No.5, Liang Ma Qiao Bei Jie, Chaoyang 
District, Beijing 100600 China 
Tel: 00-86-10-8531 2500/2501/2502/2503 
Fax: 00-86-10-8531 2515 
Email: sscom@indianembassy.org.cn
Website: www.indianembassy.org.cn

The Indian company should send the scanned copies of the documents as mentioned below for the Embassy to take appropriate action on the complaint:

1. Complete trade dispute format with narration of the case (Trade Dispute Format appended below)
2. Proof of placement of order by the Indian company
3. Proforma Invoice (Commercial Invoice)
4. Bill of Lading & Packing list
5. Proof of bank transfer to the Chinese company
6. Test reports (SGS, etc)
7. Communications between Indian company and Chinese Company regarding the trade dispute.

It may be noted that the Embassy will not be able to present the case suitably to the Chinese authorities if the case is not supported with the documents as mentioned above

Trade Dispute Format- The Indian company should send the details of the case in the format as mentioned below in a word/pdf document.


1. Name of Indian Company:
2. Contact Person with designation:
3. Address:
4. Contact No:
5. Fax No:
6. E-mail:
7. Name of Chinese Company:
8. Contact person with designation:
9. Address:
10. Contact No:
11. Fax No:
12. E-mail:
13. Amount involved in US Dollars:
14. Nature of complaint against the Chinese company:
15. Present status of the dispute:
16. Certificates/documents enclosed:
17. Narration of the case with chronology: