About Us 3rd Study India Programme

The Consulate General of India, Hong Kong is glad to inform that the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs will be organising the 3rd Study India Programme (SIP) to enable overseas Indian youth in the age group 18-26 years to undergo a short term course of 4 weeks to familiarize them with the art, culture, heritage, history and social and economic development of India.  The programme will be organized from 22nd December 2014 to 14th January 2015 in partnership with an Institute of Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE), Pune. 


2.SIP aims at providing an opportunity to the overseas Indian youth to better understand and appreciate contemporary India, foster closer ties with the land of their ancestors and enhance their engagement with India.  There would be 30 participants, who would undergo a 3 week programme within the selected Institute with academic and cultural content and 1 week of field visit organized by the Institute.  As the programme is open only for Diaspora youth in the age group of 18-26 years, NRIs are not eligible to apply for this programme. Selected participants will be provided with full hospitality in India during the duration of the programme. 90% (ninety percent) of the total cost of air ticket (at lowest economy excursion fare) is refundable to the participants on successful completion of the programme.


3.The course would include:

  • Academic content which would facilitate understanding of contemporary India and its development, political and financial systems, economic, social and administrative structures;
  • Cultural content which would help the participants to be immersed in the Indian experience with exposure to Indian mythology, history, arts, handicrafts, dance, music, cuisine, languages and age-old traditions;
  • Visits will be organised to different institutions, industries of importance and rural areas to allow the participants to gain first hand exposure to India.

4. Details of the programmes, including guidelines and application form, may be accessed on Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) website (www.moia.gov.in).  Duly completed application form may be submitted to the Consulate at the following address for mandatory recommendation on or before 8th December 2014:


Bharath Kumar Kuthati
Deputy Consul General
Consulate General of India
16-A United Centre, 95, Queensway
Admiralty, Hong Kong
e-mail: pol@cgihk.gov.in


5.Any queries may also be addressed to the above.